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Organizational Management

Proactive assistance –
Organizational focus and purpose

From our prior service and ongoing client support activities, SPARTAN Management, LLC realizes Organizational Management is the foundation upon which great achievements are based. Organizational functions set the environment for success; allowing the people, policy, procedures, and tools to work together efficiently and effectively.

Shape the vision – manage to objectives – provide the environment for success

  • Our professionals assisted several client organizations with strategic objectives, governance plans and process development. They helped establish purpose & direction, assisted functional implementation, cultural adjustment, and provided tools to help drive objective success.
  • As a core member of a client’s re-organization advisory team we helped the team formulate and establish a new organizational element within the Command. The new element is responsible for program and project management activities; focused on enterprise technical enhancements and guided by the Command utilizing portfolio management’s best practices.
  • We contributed to the retooling of a client developed web based portfolio management tool.  This included requirement development, product definition, information purpose, and operability.  Our focused adjustments improved project insight and enabled the appropriate portfolio oversight.
  • Our experts were routinely called upon to sculpt communications, perform technical reviews or gather/organize a variety of information. Our focus, precision, and skill enabled articulate communications, efficiently addressed action items, established organizational understanding, and managed stakeholder expectations.
Organizational Management
  • Policy & Governance
  • Strategic Planning
  • Financial Planning
  • Portfolio Management
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Infrastructure (Facilities, IT, Comms)
  • Organizational Communications
  • Action Management
  • Contract Management *
  • Program Security *
  • Human Resources *

*Indicates one of our additional extended services.